7 Tips To Make Travel Fun & Easy!

Attending your first event? Or perhaps you're a seasoned event junkie! Either way you'll enjoy our Top 7 list of ways to make the most of the events you attend...

1. Stay in the event hotel. You'll find there are tons of after-hours social & networking opportunities on-site.

2. Plan to dress in mix & match layers. You can never count on the temperature in conference rooms to be reasonable.

3. Leave room in your bag. You are most likely going to travel home with more than you brought! Gotta love event swag ;)

4. Pack light and go for carry-on only if you're flying in to attend an event. You'll avoid unnecessary baggage fee's and the airline potentially losing/damaging your luggage. (grr!)

5. Take business cards, but only hand them out if asked. Nobody likes the guy that pushes biz cards on everyone. Just sayin...

6. Be at your best at every event. Anything you say or do will likely end up on Twitter, YouTube and Flickr (in that order).

7. Don't forget your 17 chargers. Nothing like dead gadgets to kill your social media coverage of an awesome event!

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